Pso2 calamity staff requiem

accept. The question interesting, too..

Pso2 calamity staff requiem

Alba Wand. Vita Wand. Alba Scepter. Alba Cane. Vita Scepter. Vita Cane. Mutation I. Zumiuran Staff. Red Wand. Lambda Hexigraph. Precision Strike Mutation I. Poison III. Evil Curst. Deo Crestigar. Precious Sword Balmung. Ancient Oath Flict Magia. Lent Ornam. Vals Ornam. Nox Kuklos. Critical Impact Casting IV. Rising Weapons Badge Shop 1.

Haku Senjou v2.

Weapon Camos

Frost Reign. Ray Wand. Honed Blessings Astral Soul. Rising Weapons Badge Shop 2.Any Enemy Lv. EXP Boost I. Spirit Collector. Living Conduit Battle Cry Spear.

Mtg printable counters

Thrusting Spear. Fangulf Lv. Kartargot Lv. Blundarl Lv. Dal Malri Lv. Red Recalescence. Discoidal Spear. El Ahda Lv. Badge Exchange Shop. Shock II Negative Hunter.

pso2 calamity staff requiem

Dark Ragne Lv. Mortality's Ante. Guardine Lv. Kressida CO. Defensive Stance. Gulfur Lv. Spardan A Lv. Alonagahda Lv. Falz Arm Lv. Signo Gun Lv.Darkness Conviction Until Put an end to things called ARKS!!!!! They could've at least updated the SG recycle to include some of this scratch's items, I've just pulled 30 times and I got nothing but male costumes my chara is female and I have literaly nothing to do with them.

I feel you. The opposite usually happens with me.

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And I agree with the SG recycle, considering I have a ton of those badges that I was saving for the hairstyle at least. If I would have known the specifics I would have hoarded my Star Gems instead of spending them on drinks for the weekly crafts. Ahh well, looks like I'll just have to take advantage of every SG opportunity and hope for the best, and not the worst.

I am also convinced that it purposely chooses to give you stuff for the opposite sex as I have a male character but I get mostly female items. Wish there was at least a way to improve the odds for your own gender, or a gender trade-in option.

Jei The gender trade-in should be a must for SG since, unlike AC, you can't sell or trade the items and I really have 0 interest on the mother cluster replica items.

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I think that at the very least the SG items should be tradable with premium, a friend of mine scratched 20 times trying to get the Persona outfit, and like you said, he only got stuff for female chara while his chara his malehe got the Ba for Innocent Cluster, which I would gladly trade with one of my 5 Male Persona outfits.

Among those I also got basicaly the full male layer for Lord and a lot of male voices, the fact that the gender trade in option does not exist in an untradable scratch is pretty stupid and unfair. They did gave out tons of sg scratch last month. I dont see any of ur arguments valid. It depends on how u use ur sg. Everyone has received the same amount as u do. Some choose triggers, refresh cf and then complains not enough sg.

Gradation color on casts for human hair correlates with Subcolor 3 in the Salon Menu, so you have to change that to change the gradation color. Ugh I am like 4 scratches away from the ticket so I can get the hair. I've scratched like 31 times and I've only gotten 1 outfit and basewear that I can actually use the rest were cross-gender, the apprentice hairstyle which I already had, at least all of my characters have it nowthe damaged apprentice headpiece, and the rest have been music discs or stuff I've just traded in for SG Recycle Badges.

I am hopeful that finishing the bingo one enemy left that depends on the spawn rate in Christmas on Ice will get me enough SG to knock out 4 scratches, or at least 3 and I get lucky on one.

I mean I've scratched 36 times. It's 40 for the conviction ticket, so the odds aren't even 1 in 36 depending on what you're going for lol.Technique Defense Stance Spirit Collector.

Latan Fever Spirit Collector. Dark Falz Elder Lv. Technique Defense Stance. Krahda Lv. Red Recalescence. Area drop in certain Advance Quests VH. Area drop in certain Advance Quests SH. Strahda Lv. Machine Hunter. Physical Defense Stance. Cyclonehda Lv. Mortality's Ante. Falz Arm Lv. Micda Lv. Enraged Stance. Snow, Blizzard, Diamond Dust, Aurora.

【PSO2】Etoile「Et」 Photon Arts (エトワール PA)

Healing Wind. Immediate Strike. Butterflies, Wind, Petals, Ideographs. Leran-gam Lv. Sol Deegalla Lv.

pso2 calamity staff requiem

Wolgahda Lv. Splendid Recovery. Seglez'n Lv. Poison IV Festering Poison.

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Strength Crystal Moonlit Nobility. Oceanid Hunter.Remember me. Close Save changes. Adding Abilities. List of Abilities. Ability Factors Weapons. Ability Factors Units. S-Class Special Ability Weapons. S-Class Special Ability Units. Power III. Power IV. Power V. Power VI.

Shoot III. Shoot IV. Shoot V. Shoot VI. Technique III. Technique IV. Technique V.

Katanas (Phantasy Star Online 2)

Technique VI. Arm III. Arm IV. Body III.Wands are a weapon category in Phantasy Star Online 2. They are short staffs that are wielded by Techers. The Wand is a simple short staff with an enlarged head. Wands are the primary weapon of the Techer class, as they complement the Techer's abilities. Both attributes are used by the Techer to inflict high melee damage while still performing fairly well with Techniques.

The cast type of Wands is stationary. All Techniques cast from a Wand originate from the player; this is useful for self-buffing Techniques such as Shifta and Deband, as their field will affect also affect the player itself when being cast.

pso2 calamity staff requiem

As the player charges and inflicts damage with Techniques, the Gear Gauge is charged. While the Gear Gauge has a charge in it, melee strikes will cause a Tech explosion that deals damage based on T-ATK on the enemy and those nearby.

Enemies struck by splash damage will experience further damage; this can be exploited by gathering multiple enemies in a large group and striking them all simultaneously, which will quickly cause the damage of Wand Gear to inflate to absurd levels. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

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Categories :. Stream the best stories. Start Your Free Trial. Try Now. Protagonist - Matoi. Apprentice - Elder - Gemini - Luther - Persona. Mitra - Shiva - Valna.Bright Dark Heroine Until 6.

Would be if these were AC scratch stuff.

PSO2 JP SG Scratch: Bright Dark Heroine

Literally a personal problem if you spend cash on SG though, and the recycle shop does exist. This is why they can afford to do this. People like you tolerating this scheissescheme, like, literally. You're entirely welcome to simply ignore the whole scratch you know. That's what I did with the previous one. Cosmetic whale bait is one of the most simple, least invasive ways to make money for your game.

I have no idea how people can't see that.

pso2 calamity staff requiem

If you don't get it? It literally affects nothing in your gameplay experience. My working theory is they're simply buttmad over having a hard time getting said cosmetics.

They had a really, really healthy profit margin from this game. They just had to service all the fucking debts they incurred during the early s. This untradable shit is a step beyond. I put my money where my mouth is, I pay for scratches and trade for stuff that I couldn't get when I reach my real-money budget limit.

Who the fuck are you to criticize me for criticizing a company that I support with my fucking money. Random right SEGA buttraepd you and you took it like a man that you are. They eroded one of the central aspects of the game, trading for customized parts, and you just took it standing up.

Good fucking job. Wanna know what the Catholics thought of this? Nice combination of nonsensical hyperbole and delusions of entitlement you have going there.

Can you repeat that though? Sega has done a surprisingly good job keeping the game F2P. Even then, I only pay for premium because it's convenient, I wouldn't lose anything without it. Sega, even if the actual game balance is fucked, has managed to make a working F2P model just out of cosmetics and small conveniences, which I think is pretty impressive. I find people who still get mad about it are just people who didn't get the outfit they wanted for their precious waifu.

Its not even about policy.


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